IT and Software Solutions for Startups and Small Businesses


ABK Technologies, LLC specializes in bringing value to startup companies, advertising agencies, small businesses and organizations by providing software development support and general IT consulting services in a cost effective manner.  

Leveraging our knowledge, experience, and relationships within the industry, we bring cost effective and unique solutions to our clients, while ensuring that every dollar spent is directly tied to their business goals.

With our unique set of payment options, we help to keep your start-up costs as low as possible, while still providing all of the IT development and infrastructure support that are typically only available to more mature companies.

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  • Tavros, Inc.
  • Net Income Analyzer
  •, LLC
  • MyMojo Corporation
  • Direct Teach Time


  • Software development
  • Project Management
  • Hosting and Infrastructure Support
  • DNS Management
  • Load Testing / Application Profiling
  • Staff Development
  • Online Marketing
  • General IT Consulting


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